Welcome to Bear Thoughts 🧸

Nudging naked thoughts to paper in hopes of creating a fresh impression

Hi, I’m Rahul! 

There’s likely one of a few reasons you came across this post. You may have stumbled upon my story a few years back on making a move to SF. You may have seen me as a pesky little ad, abruptly interrupting your Ellen DeGeneres YouTube clip. Or you may just be one of my amazing friends who probably (hopefully proudly) label me as another one of those idea guys, habitually playing in the gray area. But, however I may have swindled you into reading this –– thank you and welcome!

As many of my friends know, I’m someone who takes a liking to trying new things and at times sees them through, oftentimes, not. I tend to opt for continuous movement, progress, and quick failures over deep thought and pre-planning. I hate being in a state of paralysis by analysis. 

Alright, big shot. This is all great, but what’s this about?

In short, I have so many ideas, feelings, and thoughts that gloss across my mind. I realize opting to move quickly causes me to reflect only as a reactionary measure. Writing this newsletter is going to be part of my process to balance this tendency, to be more intentional in my thinking process. 

Through this newsletter, the ideas and thoughts I do (and do not) act on will be written about. It will be my way of writing to learn while I learn to write. At the end of the day, I hope it provokes thought and leaves you with a fresh impression or, at the very least, an understanding for the need to publicly publish work to think things through more intentionally. 

Over the course of the next few pieces I write, I’ll be exploring topics from tech, to social issues, to wild ideas I’ve mulled over but never started. Things like: Can winning an Academy Award be easy? Why have I suddenly become so passionate about closing the financial gap for minorities and women? Why in the world should you care about Bitcoin? How can you methodically get the job of your dreams with no experience?

It goes on and on, and while you may find me trying to find my voice during this journey, I promise to keep it interesting. 

Your time is precious, and I appreciate you taking the few minutes today to read what I have to say. If you ever feel compelled to reach out or have feedback, you can find me anywhere @rahuldotiyer (Twitter, LinkedIn, Personal Website). I try to stay active on most platforms and will do my best to respond to everyone. 

Thank you for bearing with me.

Much love,