What’s Bear Thoughts all about?

It’s a medium in which I’ll be expressing thoughts, feelings, and ideas about a variety of different topics (social issues, tech, finance, film) that’ll hopefully capture your interest and help me think things through more thoroughly.

I believe the best writers don’t just write to to entertain, but also to learn. This is my way of being intentional about my thought while hopefully giving you a fresh impression or perspective on something you wouldn’t have otherwise looked at.

Who am I?

Rahul. A coffee dependent soul. Tech lover. Film connoisseur (or so I think). A writer writing to learn while he learns to write.

I work with an amazing team @Lendtable. Past, @Facebook.

Have any ideas? Any feedback? You can always catch me @rahuldotiyer on all platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Personal Website).

What’re the readers saying?

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